How Covid-19 has affected our digital lives?

How Covid-19 has affected our digital lives?

We all were unaware of the surprise that the year 2020 has stored for all of us. If I would’ve told you back in 2019 that the whole world would get shut down in the next year, you probably have called me a crazy girl right?

But the way nature changed its course everyone was limited to their homes in the year 2020. Due to the sudden limitations and the precautions which everyone needed to take, people started regarding the internet as their “safe place”.

With several months of lockdown, people started using social media in the ways they never thought of doing (not always the productive ones though) and the usage of digital media increased at a Godly speed. From doing shopping to getting health updates, everything was done online.

We, humans, have never craved to feel the touch of our loved ones so bad. We started to use our gadgets as our weapons to kill boredom and have some fun.

Even though all of this took a huge toll on our mental health as well as physical health but we are grateful that we survived the worst wave of the pandemic.

However, these latest technologies and accessories created confusion between our online and offline lives. As we gradually lost control of our real life and started to get engrossed more in our digital lives.

Many of us didn’t know whether we were working from home or were we living in our workplace now? Also, our education system took a drastic turn, suddenly our whole degree was now depending on the internet connections, laptops, and other devices.

In the middle of 2020, the death toll rose dangerously as every single home was losing a loved one to the deadly virus.

People were scared and started to think about what if they had to live their remaining life on social media? Or what if their real-life stopped to exist? On realizing the consequences, Rikard Steiber with some other former executives of Google started a company called “GoodTrust”.

The GoodTrust is a platform that was previously used for raising charity and funds for people who can’t live a good life with daily necessities.

However, now it will also protect the digital lives as a memoir of your loved ones who have passed away, unfortunately. It will help you in canceling their Netflix subscriptions, memorializing their Facebook profiles, saving their pictures and documents, etc.

Death is a fact and everyone will face it, however, to make our digital lives as real as we can, this initiative has been taken. Through GoodTrust we can create a digital legacy the people who will always remain in our hearts and memories.

We have still not recovered fully from the pandemic and neither we can for the next few years and moving forward is the only option left. So we should try to fulfill the last wishes of people around us even if we get to do it virtually.

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