5 Things You Should Know About Chrome’s Updated Security Features

5 Things You Should Know About Chrome’s Updated Security Features

Information technology is prospering day by day and so are the different types of frauds and scams. Keeping all this in mind, tech companies are always trying to update their security features so that they can battle against hackers and their malicious software. Google’s Chrome browser is one of the most popular browsers through out the whole world. Recently, Google has updated the security features of Chrome so that people who use it can be protected against different malware and scams.
In the latest Chrome update, Chrome 86, many interesting features are added which everyone should know about.
Here’s the list of 5 main things you should know about the latest Chrome’s update.

  1. Get Alert Notifications:

Everyone knows that you can save passwords in the Chrome browser but have you ever thought what if your saved password gets changed by a hacker? Well, in this new update they have provided an easy solution for it too. If your password or data gets compromised, in such cases a special encrypted username and password are sent to you that can be checked against online secured databases.
Users can also directly select the option of “change password” for the particular password that is thought to be security breached instead of looking through the list of all the saved passwords. Hence it will save us precious time.

  1. Auto-fill Passwords For iOS:

This feature was previously added for the android users in which they had the option to auto-fill saved passwords, however, in this new updated version, it also supports iOS with a fingerprint verification to keep everything highly secure. It is an amazing feature that will save a lot of time and makes things easier for users.

  1. Improved Safe Browsing:

One of the amazing features that this version of Chrome has launched is the concept of “Safe Browsing”. The user simply has to turn this feature on and then they can surf through the internet without any worries or fear. This feature will automatically check whether the webpage that the user is trying to open contains viruses or bugs etc. Wow right?

  1. Warns Against Downloading From Risky HTTPS Pages:

Through this update, Chrome will directly block downloading content from the websites that are risky or less-secure to prevent the user from getting phished. Right now they are only blocking such files that are downloaded from unsecured links but they have more plans for this problem which they will implement soon.

  1. Advanced Changes In-Display:

Other than these security features, Chrome has also done some changes in the display to make its icon more eye-appealing. Android users will also get an overflow menu and tabs that haven’t been used for five minutes or more will see their CPU time decreased to a max of 1%

This latest version has improved security features that will make it more user-friendly and will protect users from cyber-attacks and deadly viruses.

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