What is the Clarity Tool? A New Analytics Tool by Microsoft

What is the Clarity Tool? A New Analytics Tool by Microsoft


Recently, Microsoft had announced the release of its latest web analytics tool, called Clarity. Microsoft Clarity is an analytics product that is built to help website managers improve their websites.

It is a free tool that gives them a clear understanding of the users visiting their websites. All the while giving value to the privacy of users.

What do developers say about this tool?

According to the developers, they have created a tool that will help website owners to know about the modifications they should be doing on their website that will result in higher traffic on their sites.

It will show you which part of the website has the highest and lowest engagements. It also provides debugging of sites.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft’s Clarity Tool:

The following are the main advantages of using this tool developed by Microsoft.

1.    Convenient and fast:

The Clarity tool is user-friendly and will not be heavy on your websites. Even if you are not a tech geek who doesn’t know how to use the latest technologies, you can still understand how to use this tool.

This tool won’t cause unnecessary load on your page to make sure that users don’t have to wait for a long time to see your entire website.

2.    Heatmaps and session-replays:

Clarity gives wide knowledge about user behavior as it provides key tools such as heatmaps and session-replays.

Heat maps give a visual about how users interact with your website. It generally comes in two types.

  1. Click maps
  2. Scroll maps

Session-replays is capable of recording and replaying the whole journey of the user that came to your website.

It helps in understanding the pattern of upcoming traffic to your site.

3.    Insight Dashboard:

With the help of an insight dashboard, you can easily monitor the website and can manage the traffic routes.

You can see how many people visited the site and whether they got the relevant information through your website or not.

It will eventually help in managing the websites professionally.


Thus we can say with clarity that the “Clarity tool” will help you in growing your business digitally while bringing traffic to your website and increasing your customers rapidly.

Every year Microsoft releases updated features for its market share to boost.

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