Google Pixel 5 Review –A Simple and Minimalistic Approach

Google's Pixel 5a

Google Pixel used to be one of the most powerful and cleanest smartphones. But last year everything went down-hill as Google launched a range of lower-cost smartphones that were technically not that amazing but were mostly focused on software and other features.
The line-up of Pixel phones includes cheap Pixel 4a, a Pixel 4a with 5G, and now Pixel 5- a device that seems like a branch of Pixel 4a instead of a significant improvement from the previous smartphone.


There isn’t a variety of models of Pixel 5. It will cost around $700 plus tax for a 128GB model. It also doesn’t offer a wide range of colors. It only offers Just Black and Sorta Sage color options for Pixel 5.

Design and hardware:

Google’s Pixel 5 doesn’t have an innovative style instead it has the same look as the cheaper Pixel 4a- compact and an all-screen design. It has a sleek 6-inch display panel of 2340×1080 pixels. It isn’t technically as crisp as the Pixel’s 4 line-ups.
It has a good brightness level indoor but can struggle a bit under bright light. It has wide viewing angles and a variety of vivid colors. It also has a refresh rate of a smooth 90Hz. It has 8 GB RAM with a 128 GB storage processor. The rest of the Pixel’s 5 design is pretty much straightforward. Google went with a metal body for Pixel 5 though it is extremely light, and the coating doesn’t give a metal-feel.
However many things are quite weird as there is not any headphone jack in this model which can make you feel irritated at times. Also, the Pixel’s 5 audio situation isn’t very great.

Pixel 5 Camera:

The Pixel’s 5 camera is as good as the previous Pixel’s line-up. Its photos are sharp and have a good contrast level too. However saying this, the only problem is that Pixel 5 is still using the same image sensor for the main 12-mega pixel lens like it used in Pixel 3. No big leap in this case.
Video quality has been improved from the previous Pixel phones but it still isn’t great like iPhone 11 or Galaxy Note 20.

Battery life:

Pixel 5 has improved its battery life up to 4000-mAh which is quite a leap from its previous Pixel phones. The best thing about this phone is that it can go 24 hours or beyond without charging if used mildly.

Here’s the summary of Google Pixel 5.


  • A bit expensive
  • Lack of luster
  • Average Audio quality


  • A compact and well-built structure
  • Longer battery life.
  • Android 11 is very clean and powerful.


Google didn’t make a remarkable impact on the minds of Pixel’s fans yet they have tried to draw a minimalistic yet nice approach in the market. It didn’t add any exciting features to the phone but kept it simple for the users so that they can enjoy a cheap phone with moderate technology. This phone is all about focusing on the major parts like camera, battery life, and quality.

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