Google’s “Search On” Event – Waiting For The Reveal Of A Mysterious Surprise

Google’s “Search On” Event

Keeping aside the latest topic in the Tech world – Apple’s iPhone 12 launch, another hot news has been making rounds and rounds on social media, and that is released by Google itself- “Search On” event.
If you’re an active social media user then I’m certain that you would have heard of it. However, even if you have not then let me allow to brief you a bit about it. On Thursday, October 15th at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET, Google will be holding a live-stream event in which they will be announcing the latest ways through which Google is harnessing the power of AI to help people all around the world.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Google has previously canceled its I/O launch even after making several announcements. Instead of this, the legendary organization is now focusing on improving its search-related features and has handed out several invitations for a live event named “Search On” which will be hosted both on YouTube and on the official Search On website.

Until now, the company has kept everything a surprise and has only teased the audience by releasing a statement from which we know that the main focus of the event will be on the power and use of AI and search.
They only shared an explanatory quote attached to the Google Calendar event stating “Join us to hear how Google is helping people explore information like never before”
This news has spread like blazing fire causing havoc through the internet as everyone is guessing what new features will be added. Curiosity has spiked amongst the whole Tech World as people are now waiting for the main event eagerly.

In the past years, such events were held by Google in which they introduced important Google Search-related features like “Google Duplex” – now turned into “Google Assistant”. All these were an instant success as they become popular among the general public due to interesting and unique features.

They also announced the news of “Discover Feed”, different upgrades for Google Images and “subtopics” on the celebration of Google Search’s 20th Anniversary.

Previously, they have also showcased the concept of Next-Generation Google Assistant, Assistant driving mode, and Assistant support in Waze. The organization also stated back then that the new updated version of Google Assistant will not much depend on the data centers of Google for computing purposes. Rather than this, it will launch a speech recognition feature for user’s smartphones for a faster and much reliable experience.

They have also revealed the next phase of Google Duplex for its web-based client. Everybody is chanting now what’s next? (Yes, we are excited too!)
So for now go and relax, set a reminder for the event and get ready for an ultimate surprise tomorrow! We will be reporting you all the information regarding the event in our next article. Stay tuned.

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