Google’s Latest “Hum To Search” Feature

Google’s Latest “Hum To Search” Feature


Google has launched a new feature to its search tool named “Hum to Search” feature that will let you hum or sing a song that is stuck in your head and you can’t find its name. With this tool, you can easily identify the name and lyrics of that particular song which keeps irritating you. The machine learning techniques make this tool efficient in finding that song in Google’s database.

On 15th, October, Google announced their “hum to search” feature and it is now available in Google App of both, iOS and Android versions or even in Google assistant.
You can simply go to the Google search engine and click on its voice option, ask the Google “What is this song?” then hum the song which is stuck in your head while the rest of the work will be done by machine-algorithm itself. Voila, Google will find that song.

According to Google, this feature works by a machine-learning algorithm that transforms the audio into a binary sequence that eventually represents the melody of the song which then compares to the songs existing in its database.

You don’t have to be an amazing singer for using this feature. In addition to this, even if your singing skills are worse and your friends tell you that their ear bleeds every time you sing, it doesn’t matter!
As this tool is solely designed on the number-sequence of the melody, if you got the melody right, Google will find it for you.

Google also said that they have experimented on a variety of sources including humans singing, whistling while removing the background musical instruments but the results remain the same.

Even if you were off-pitch, this feature will surely find the song for you.
The latest “Hum to Search” feature is now available in more than 20 different languages on the Android version. However, for the iOS version, it is only available in the English Language.

Future Plans:

The Tech Company gave hints of their upcoming plans as they stated that more languages will be added for this feature in the near future.

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