Can IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act Bring Revolution in the Tech World?

Can IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act Bring Revolution in the Tech World?

What is IoT Cybersecurity?

Internet of things namely called IoT cybersecurity is related to the safety of connected devices and networks. It gives a unique identity to every internet connection so that it becomes protected and confidential data doesn’t come at the risk of getting leaked.

IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020

We all know that the security of IoT needs to be upgraded and should be made more secure so that hackers can’t breach the barriers. Recently, the U.S government took a notice of it and the House of Representatives passed a bill in which they set official security standards for IoT devices which these devices should meet before getting purchased by the government.
It was a bipartisan bill, so many people can criticize it yet this bill should be applauded as it raised the main concerns of lack of security and now the technologists will work hard to make these systems more secure.


This bill is the first big step that the government has officially taken against the every-day security breaches. It also issued a guideline from NIST in developing these IoT devices and what specific functions they should do to meet the standards.
These guidelines will be very helpful but the real question arises whether they will bring revolution in the industry? We think in future yes if these guidelines will be implemented properly then we can foresee a big impact on both the public and private sectors.


Though we appreciate the awareness this bill brought in different sectors this bill is not entirely sufficient as all the regulations will only apply to IoT devices used in federal government offices rather than being applied to every single IoT-enabled device.

What needs to be improved?

The technology sector is progressing with each passing day. Initially, campaigns and workshops must be conducted across the board of manufacturers and consumers.
Manufactures should know the dangers of these vulnerabilities and should try to find proper methods and long-term solutions for them. They should be able to find the correct way to handle these risks.
Users should also be educated about these devices and how should they be used to minimize the risk factor. Generally, people opt for cheaper devices and they should know that cheap products are never highly secured. The usage of such devices should be inhibited.


Just like the progress of technology, hackers have also improved their programs and software. This is an ongoing battle and technologists must be vigilant to provide highly secured IoT devices.

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