5 Most Valuable Tech Companies All Around The World

5 Most Valuable Tech Companies All Around The World

On 25th October, Interbrand’s Annual Best Global brands 2020 report was out. In this report, all the global brands have been listed that showed the fastest growth in the market even in the tough times of this pandemic.
In this list, the majority of the brands that showed growth belonged to the technology sector.

Here’s a list of 5 most valuable Tech companies from all around the world.


Apple Inc. is an American-based multinational technology company that develops and sells software and electronic products. According to the report of Interbrand, Apple’s market value was up to 322,999 million dollars. It showed a 38% growth in the market. There isn’t a single person who hasn’t heard the name of this largest tech company in the world. They have launched more than 25 products including iPhone which was the most successful one.


Amazon has now become one of the biggest E-commerce markets over the years. According to the report, this giant company value was increased even in the era of Covid-19 where the retailers were suffering losses. The brand value was 200,667 million dollars with almost 60% growth in 2020. Amazon made the largest growth among all the companies on this list.


Microsoft is a U.S based Tech company that works with software and related products. Recently it also collaborated with Space X for linking their azure cloud to Starlink’s satellites. In this report, it was seen that the market value of Microsoft was increased to 166,001 million dollars which is a huge success. The company showed a 53% increment in the year 2020.


The title of the world’s best search engine belongs to Google due to its efficient tools and constant successful strategies. It has been a problem solver for users in their daily lives. We all can’t thank enough Google for saving our precious time. We all have been through the time where we have googled our questions to know the answers. Hence we usually say, If you don’t know something, just Google it!
The report stated that Google’s brand value was up to $165,444 million. Although the market value decreased by 1% in the year 2020. Yet the company is working endlessly to manage its products and customer satisfaction. To me, the key point of Google’s success is its habit of evolving and updating its features and products.


A South Korean multinational brand, Samsung’s market value was listed as $62,289 million. Most people don’t know that this company was founded 82 years ago initially as a trading company. It expanded over the years and is now one of the most renowned companies all over the world. The brand showed a growth of 2% in 2020. It also moved up one place in the ranking.

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