5 Cool Features of iPhone 12 that are Unique from Android

5 cool iPhone features that you won't find out in Android

The iPhone 12 release was on October 23, so the phone is now available and you’re able to buy it straight from Apple as well as a range of dealers. Nonetheless, you won’t be capable of pre-order the iPhone 12 mini until the 6th of November, which will be out on November 13.

The iPhone 12 is a more costly phone than last year’s iPhone 11, with an addition of $100 / £100 to the price; it does, though, bring some new features in the form of an OLED display, a faintly advanced camera, a better design, fast 5G, and MagSafe connectivity.

Here are 5 cool features of iPhone 12 which you won’t find in Android:

1) Fastest 5G:

It’s the first 5G iPhone. That’s right, super speeds here we come as we move in a new era of speed to enjoy things super-fast. Whether that’s transferring files in seconds rather than minutes, watching movies, or playing games, 5G is intended for people who want things faster than everyone else, which let’s face it, is everybody. 5G is still really fast when everything gets congested.

2) Ceramic screen:

Apple has altered the project this year, and that means the new iPhone is stronger than ever. It’s four times stronger in fact. That’s somewhat down to a new material Apple used called Ceramic Shield. If we’re getting practical, it’s not even glass, but nano-ceramic quartzes that are see-through. The end outcome is a phone that is super defensive before you even put a case on.

3) MagSafe charging:

Do you still plug your phone in? How old-fashioned. With the new iPhone 12 and the new MagSafe charging, attachment charging becomes quicker and stress-free. All you have to do is snap the wireless charger onto the back of the phone (it uses magnets) and you’re already charging.

MagSafe charges at the double speed of typical wireless charging plugs, and better still because it locks into place, you won’t pick up your mobile realizing it didn’t charge.

4) Fast processor:

The iPhone 12 comes with Apple’s fastest processor to date, the A14 Bionic. Not only will it help you load apps and games faster than ever before, but also handle all the new shooting abilities of the new iPhone 12. Using the new processor allows Apple to have an enhanced understanding of the pictures you are taking which means improved photos for you.

5) Dolby Vision:

If you’re a promising Hollywood director, the iPhone 12 is the first device on the earth that proposes the capability to film and edit Dolby Vision HDR tape. Video can be shot in up to 60 frames-per-second – securely more than the 24fps most chartbusters are shot at – and modified within the Photos app or iMovie.

Dolby Vision rating is processed live and continued during editing thanks to the grunt of the A14 Bionic. Apple’s professional-grade editing software Final Cut will be updated to back up Dolby Vision HDR soon and you can already replay your newest movie with an Apple TV too.

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